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We Help You Plan for the Unexpected

The Law Offices of David A. Shapiro, P.C. is a boutique law firm that is committed to providing the level of personalized attention that our clients deserve—especially when handling sensitive legal matters like trust litigation, trust administration, probate litigation and probate administration. In doing so, we have found that we are able to build a necessary trust with our clients and to provide them with the intimate and private service that they are looking for.

We understand that planning for the future can seem daunting, or oppositely, that dealing with the recent passing of a loved one can be an overwhelming experience, and for this reason, we have made ourselves available to assist our clients in any way that we can. We handle straightforward cases as well as highly sophisticated and complex legal matters, but we always give each case our undivided attention.

The mission of our firm is not only to strive for excellence, but to make sure that our clients are satisfied with the services that we have provided them with. In order to do so, we work closely with the people that walk into our office and ask us for our help. Whether that entails assisting a trustee with the various duties involved in trust administration or another matter, our firm's sole concern is the well-being of our clients.

We also provide worldwide representation. You can retain the services of our firm even if you live outside of Los Angeles County. If your estate planning, probate, or trust litigation matter originates in Los Angeles County, but you are currently residing on the East Coast, or anywhere else in the world, The Law Offices of David A Shapiro can still represent you! The entire legal team at the Law Offices of David A. Shapiro, P.C. works tirelessly to provide a more hopeful future for the individuals that enlist our help, regardless of the circumstances that they are facing. As such, we recognize that our firm's role is as an advisor, a counselor and an advocate. Similarly, our attorney is committed to making a difficult process a lot less complicated for you.

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Why Choose Our Firm?

David A. Shapiro, the lead attorney at our firm, is a Board Certified Specialist in estate planning, probate and trust law. He is experienced in several different facets of the law, but he also has the qualifications to show for his continued dedication to excellence. He is a member of the:

  • California State Bar Association
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • Beverly Hills Bar Association
  • American Bar Association

He also utilizes the latest legal software and research databases to keep up with today's technologically advancing society.

For this reason, whether you have been faced with the recent death of an elderly family member and you were given the responsibility of administering the trust or you would like to plan for the future by drawing up a will, the knowledgeable lawyer at our firm is well-equipped to assist you. Any legal process of this nature can prove to be highly complex, so you should not rule out the need for a highly experienced professional.

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When dealing with sensitive issues like trust litigation you will need the assistance of a firm that is not only qualified, but one that will dedicate the amount of attention to your case that you deserve. Planning for the future in any sense is an important undertaking, and as such, you should not take the decision of hiring an attorney lightly. When you take the time to sit down and speak with a lawyer from the Law Offices of David A. Shapiro, P.C., you can see for yourself why we believe that our firm could be the right fit for your case.

You can take the first step by filling out a free case evaluation form online or calling our office directly at (310) 853-1554.

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