Creating a Nomination of Conservatorship

Advice from a Los Angeles Trust Lawyer

The document called a nomination of conservatorship allows the principal to dictate who they want to look after them and their assets when they can no longer fulfill those tasks. If you suffer catastrophic injuries in a severe car wreck or face a debilitating stroke, the existence of a nomination of conservatorship will give authority to one individual, whether a spouse, parent, child, or another individual entirely, to make the important decisions for you. The agent, or conservator, of the nomination of conservatorship will be able to manage the principal's lives and assets legally. As your Los Angeles trust attorney, we can help you establish a conservator.

The conservator will play two distinct roles. They will make lifestyle choices for the incapacitated adult and will also make financial decisions. There are a few important considerations to make when determining a conservator. The first is that they have substantial power over your finances and health. For that reason, you will need to ensure that the individual you choose is someone you entirely trust. You should also name a backup in case the individual you select has also suffered incapacitation.

Appointing a Conservator

When it comes to California law on appointing a conservator, you will need a court order. These court orders are granted by judges who are in the probate department. If the judge deems that your choice of conservator is unfit to hold that position of authority, the judge does not have to appoint your choice. You can also choose to select professional conservators. At the Law Offices of David A. Shapiro, P.C., our attorney is always prepared to offer you the advice and answers you need. We can help you understand why this is a valuable tool, so contact our firm today!

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