Power of Attorney for Healthcare

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Your loved ones can be thrown into confusion and turmoil if you become incapacitated. They may not agree on the treatment and care you would have wanted for yourself. If you do not appoint a trusted person as your "proxy" in these decisions, it can lead to family contention, which is the last thing you hope for those you love. Don't leave them in this position, uncertain about what to do. A power of attorney for healthcare is one document that should be in place in a comprehensive estate plan.

A Trusted Proxy for Your Health Care Decisions

At the Law Offices of David A. Shapiro, P.C., our professionals serve as counsel in all estate matters, including a power of attorney for health care or advanced health care directives. If you become seriously ill, are incapacitated, and unable to make decisions, the person you name will have the responsibility to make these decisions for you. Obviously, you would want to choose a person who you have great trust in, who knows you well, and will make decisions as you would have if you were able.

A health care directive outlines the types of care you want, or do not want—which may include issues like deciding about accepting or refusing treatment, choosing the healthcare facility or doctor that will treat you and making decisions about the release of any medical records when necessary. Some people do not want to prolong their lives if in an irreversible coma or vegetative state, or if suffering from a terminal disease. You can also direct the person making decisions for you to authorize any treatments that could prolong your life if you choose to do so. All of these matters are of concern, and should be resolved with help from a legal professional that is able to listen, understand you and advise you, based upon your wishes. One of the most crucial documents in an estate plan is a power of attorney for health care.

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