Creating a Living Trust

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At the Law Offices of David A. Shapiro, P.C., we are passionate about helping our clients protect and safeguard their assets for years to come. Our lead attorney, David Shapiro, is board certified in trust law and understands all aspects of this area oflaw. We work with our clients to create meaningful and effective trusts, no matter how large or small a person's estate or business may be.

Our Los Angeles trust lawyer can help you review your legal options and assess your current holdings to determine whether or not a living trust will be an effective tool. Most people choose to set up revocable living trusts, which can be modified during a person's lifetime. You can choose to transfer a large or small amount of your property into the trust for asset protection or inheritance reasons. Essentially, the trust will own any property put into it, but does not strip you of control over them.

Should I create a trust?

A living trust can be a very beneficial tool for any size estate. Not only does it allow for quick and efficient distribution of your assets to beneficiaries after your death, but it also keeps any assets inside the trust exempt from probate proceedings. This saves your loved ones from going through the time-consuming and expensive process.

Some of the other benefits of setting up a living trust include:

  • Organization of your assets
  • Direction for if you were to become incapacitated
  • Potential to reduce estate taxes
  • Allows for long-term property management
  • Sets up inheritance for minor children

All of the property that you transfer into a living trust will not need to go through the probate process. This means that in order for these assets to be distributed, you will need to set up a trustee. The appointed trustee will transfer ownership to any beneficiaries you name at the appropriate time.

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