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Protecting Those You Love with a Special Needs Trust

Disabled and elderly relatives can be protected by the establishment of a special needs trust. This type of trust can protect assets so that the disabled or incapacitated person can gain the benefits of various government programs. This form of trust allows the beneficiaries of the trust to be protected from the loss of assets that would take place if the trust had not been established. Families with disabled relatives can protect their loved one from unnecessary losses by the establishment of a special needs trust that provides for the care of the individual. These trusts can be created by third parties, such as family members who wish to fund the trust so that their loved one is provided for in the future.

Sheltering Assets with a Special Needs Trust

At our firm, the Law Offices of David A. Shapiro, P.C., our Los Angeles trust attorney can discuss your personal situation, and advise you of the most effective strategy to avoid the loss of assets when an elderly relative has become disabled, and can no longer care for themselves. Arranging an estate so that the disabled elderly person can continue to gain government benefits, as the assets are now owned by the trust, reduces the value of the personal estate.

A bequest can jeopardize the ability of a disabled person to get access to certain government benefits, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid. In order for the trust to function correctly, and to avoid any problems with government benefits, it is imperative that the trust is drafted by a high quality, experienced Los Angeles trust lawyer. Any vague or incorrect language could create a problem that is very difficult to resolve later. It is advised that you contact our firm at once if you are considering establishing a special needs trust. We have the experience and knowledge, as well as legal skill, to carefully prepare the correct documentation, and file the necessary paperwork to put the trust in place. We can discuss all of the details with you in an initial interview.

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