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A fiduciary is an individual who owes a duty of care to another individual by being in charge of a retirement plan, being appointed power of attorney, a guardian, administrator, or executor of a ward or estate. When the fiduciary places the interest of himself or herself above those whose interest should come first, legal action can take place. The beneficiary may have a cause of action against the fiduciary if that individual has used the power for his or her own benefit. Speak with the experienced Los Angeles trust litigation attorney from our firm today for more information!

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Litigation between the trust beneficiaries, the trustees and personal representatives is a complex area of law and should be handled by a skilled and qualified attorney from the Law Offices of David A. Shapiro, P.C. If there is tension between parties because of a misuse of power, it is essential to take immediate action. We take whatever legal means necessary to assist clients with their fiduciary litigation cases. We can attempt to institute the most appropriate practice to prevent litigation. If it is unavoidable, however, we can use our experience in litigation to help you obtain the best result.

We represent those who are petitioning or responding parties in cases involving:

There are many circumstances that our firm can handle and it is important to act quickly when facing these cases. There may be unexpected obstacles and it is our goal to help protect your rights and ensure that your best interest is given the full attention it deserves. Contact our firm today if you are facing a fiduciary litigation case!

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