My Estate Planning Documents LOOK Good but are they Valid?

   In California, there is no legal formality that law firms or will drafting companies must comply with to have the instrument qualify as a valid will. Therefore, alot of trust mills spend alot of money trying to buy the most expensive estate litigation binders and include alot of nice looking tabs and subsections. However, if you are unfortunate enough to have a trust mill draft your estate planning documents the contents of the expensive folder may cost you more than you realize.
    Often times, these trust mills try to solicit clients in order to sell their information to various entities which will try to offer annuities or other life policies. Therefore, the focus of their work often strays from the actual estate litigation. Among the common mistakes created by trust mills are neglecting fundamental aspects of estate planning such as forgetting to fund a trust. If you are considering putting together an estate plan you should consult with a California estate litigation lawyer to ensure that the work is done properly. Many firms now offer fixed reasonable rates for estate litigation work and free consultations. You should consult with a professional.
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