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Trust Mills: Have you been a Victim?

    Maybe you have heard of "trust mills" in the news. These companies often masquerade as presenting estate litigation services to clients at low costs. Often times they take advantage of elderly people and use scare tactics in order to bully them into drafting a trust. However, the issue with these trusts mills, among many, is that their true purpose is to obtain the financial data from clients in order to push other financial products. The most recent trend is to sell annuities and other insurance products.

  Additionally, these sales representatives for trust mills will often misrepresent their expertise in estate litigation.  Often times creating titles for themselves which falsely cloak them as some type of legal experts. For example these sales people may refer to themselves as a "senior estate planner."  However, no such position generally exists and if you are considering an estate plan which involves a trust the more appropriate person to contact is an attorney who is experienced with trust drafting in California. A qualified attorney can help you decide whether you should consider drafting a trust as part of your estate plan, you should consult with a Los Angeles estate litigation Attorney for further information.