Undue Influence in Hollywood

       On December 7, 2009, Pauly Shore became famous for something other than his comedy routines. Pauly Shore filed a lawsuit against his brother, Peter Shore which alleges Peter has exerted undue influence on their mother, Mitzi Shore who is afflicted with a plethora of neurological issues including Parkinsons disease. Pauly, Peter and their mother were, until recently, the three directors of The Comedy Store, one of Hollywood's most famous comedy clubs. This dispute revolves around the management of the family business located in Hollywood called "The Comedy Store."
    Unfortunately, family disputes surrounding the care of elderly relatives are not limited to Hollywood dramas and are quite common even surrounding modest estates. Generally, family members who are concerned for the care of an ailing relative and wish to exercise control over their finances and care will file for a conservatorship. If you are concerned for the care of an older relative you should contact an experienced probate attorney in Los Angeles to discuss whether a conservatorship may be appropriate.

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