Battle for Control of Gary Coleman's Estate

     As has been widely reported in papers of all nature, former child actor Gary Coleman died on May 28, 2010 after being removed from life support which has created a battle for control of his estate. 
    Numerous wills have surfaced within days after Colemans death. There is a will dated in 1999 which names Dion Mial, Coleman's former manager as executor and directs that all Coleman's assets are to be included in the Millennium Edge Trust, which was created by Coleman. On Friday June 11, 2010 another Coleman will surfaced which is dated February 5, 2010 and names Anna Gray, the former head of Coleman's corporation, as the executor and beneficiary to his estate. Additionally, Coleman's ex-wife, Shannon Price has a handwritten addendum (called a codicil) to Coleman's will dated September 4, 2007 which names Price as the sole heir. 
   Now there  is speculation that an additional will exists. Coleman's Different Strokes co-star Todd Bridges has made public statements that he has a secret will.  Certainly there will be more debate in the future as to which will is valid under Utah law.

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