Estate Planning for Blended Families in CA

    A blended family is becoming more common with divorces and second marriages on the rise however this tends to make estate litigation needs more complex, especially when there are children involved or when there is already a prenuptial agreement in place. For example a couple who have children from prior relationships and then have a child together may have different goals in terms of what financial support each child should receive. In this situation it is crucial to sit down with your attorney and discuss your estate litigation goals. This includes what level of support children of different ages may require along with whether there are certain pieces of personal property that should be divided between the children based on sentimental value. Sometimes its helpful to involve the children in the estate planning process so they are aware of what to expect in terms of what they will inherit. This will hopefully cut back on disputes later on.
   Whatever your estate litigation goals, make sure you hire an Attorney who is experienced in doing estate planning in California and put your wishes in writing to make sure they are followed.