The Michael Jackson Family Trust: setting up his children for life.

        Michael Jackson set up the Michael Jackson Family Trust which will leave his three children with a $33 million trust fund each - but they won't be able to completely access their money until they are 40 years old. The trust works in conjunction with Jackson's Pour Over Will drafted in 2002 which leaves 40 percent of his estate to his children, 40 percent to his mother and 20 percent to charity.
     Many people associate trust funds for children with billionaires like Michael Jackson,  however that is not the case any longer. Many "regular" people are setting up trusts for their children to accomplish "regular" goals such as complete their schooling. For example you can set up a trust to make money available to your children for educational purposes, such as college tuition and living expenses, even including a restriction that the child be in school to receive the funds.  If you have children, consider setting  up a trust for them as part of your estate litigation.  

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