Are you ready to be a Guardian?

    Serving as a guardian for a minor comes with alot of responsibility. Whether you are a close family member or friend you may come face to face with this responsiblity at some point in your life. Many people are surprised that they do not have to be related to the minor to be considered a guardian. In fact,  California law allows an "other person on behalf of minor" to  As such, if you are interested in petitioning for Guardianship of a non-relative minor than you should consult a Los Angeles Probate Attorney who can assist you to determine whether you have standing under California Probate Code section 1510(a).

       In January of 2010, the California Court of Appeals considered who could petition for Guardianship of a minor, apart from a family member. California Probate Code section 1510(a) identifies persons who may petition for appointment of a guardian of a minor as "a relative or other person on behalf of the minor." However, the phrase "other person on behalf of a minor" was unclear and undefined by the Probate Code or the California Legislature. Read next week's blog for more information on how the court ruled.
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