Who did YOU hire to draft your Will?

        You may locate a company that is willing to charge a cheap rate to draft your will. Certain organizations even offer free drafting of wills as part of non-profit services. While some of these events may be legitimate where the work is performed by licensed California attorneys, you should be careful who you have draft your will.  Additionally, you should be careful of individuals that prey on the elderly and procure signed wills through coercion or duress.

       You should be weary of who drafts your will and what estate litigation documents you are in fact signing because a will may be held invalid if the will was procured as a result of a mistake. Further, if you have other estate litigation that was previously drafted, such as a living trust, you will need a licensed California attorney to draft your will. If you have questions regarding yourliving trust in Los Angeles you should have an attorney review your estate litigation documents. 

    Courts have invalidated a will for mistaken belief when the testator signed a document which he or she believed was something else, for example a sales contract but was in fact a will. This is a case of a mistake where the courts will invalidate a will because it was not the testator's intent to sign a will and having the intent to create a will is one of the basic requirements of wills drafting. If you are concerned with drafting your will or have a question about an existing will which is currently in probate you should consult with a Los Angeles probate attorney.
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