Do YOU have What it takes to Serve as a Personal Representative?

   Do you have what it takes to serve as a personal representative to administer the estate of a loved one or friend? In short, yes. However, whether you'd like to take on that level of responsibility is another issue entirely. California provides that either an executor or administrator may act as a personal representative. An executor is a person named by the Decedent in their will and nominated to carry out the will and distribute assets. An administrator is a personal representative which the court designates which could be any interested party. 
    If you decide to act as personal representative you will have several responsibilities.  Your duties as personal representative would include: gathering and caring for the assets in the estate; giving notice to all parties about the proceedings; paying off creditors of the estate; selling assets and distributing assets. To ensure all of this is done property the court requires you to submit an accounting of your actions so you  must be organized and keep good records. For more information about probate you should consult with an experienced Los Angeles probate attorney.
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