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Mickey Rooney - Elder Abuse Awareness

Famed Hollywood icon, Mickey Rooney, testified a few months ago before a Special Senate Committee on Aging regarding his experience with elder abuse. Like so many other elder abuse cases, Mr. Rooney suffered his abuse at the hands of a close family member, his stepson, Christopher Aber.

Mr. Rooney testified that his stepson had continuously withheld his mail, medications, and even food from him. He also stated that he had been kept a virtual prisoner in his own home. And like over half of all elder abuse cases there was also monetary theft involved. Mr. Aber denies these allegations.

In Los Angeles, a case was filed against Mr. Rooney's stepson. The court was so compelled it appointed a Conservator to protect him from his stepson and remove him from all of Mr. Rooney's business affairs. There was even a restraining order placed against the stepson.

This is a shining example of how elder abuse can happen to anyone. If one positive thing has come of this situation, it is that with Mr. Rooney's fame, the problem of elder abuse is getting more attention and awareness.

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