Family Allowance While Estate in Probate

If you are the main income contributor in your family, your sudden death could suddenly leave your family in the middle of a seriously bad financial situation.

It is not uncommon for your estate to be held up in the probate process for a very lengthy amount of time. And usually, your estate is not allowed to make beneficiary distributions until your creditors have been paid. This can have a serious effect on the everyday financial needs of your family for things like paying for food, utilities, car and house payments.

Thankfully, there are many family allowance statutes that provide for monetary support for your spouse or children while your estate is in the probate process. These types of allowances may also be qualifying distributions not subject to claims on the estate made by creditors.

State laws vary on how much of an allowance your family may receive based on the factors such as the size of the estate and living expenses.

Consult a professional Los Angeles estate litigation Attorney to find out what options are available to you under California law and how best to incorporate them into your estate plan.

*This blog entry was not written by an Attorney and should not be constituted as professional legal advice.

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