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Amy Winehouse Estate Value Revealed

The value of late singer Amy Winehouse's estate has finally been revealed and it is surprisingly less than what had been speculated. After the probate process and estate administration, her beneficiaries only split approximately 2 million pounds or $3.24 million.

This is shockingly smaller than the over 10 million pounds people had believed her to be worth. She left behind two companies. The first one, Cherry Westfield, had assets valued around 2 million pounds which was the bulk of the estate. The other company, CW Touring, was only worth around 8 thousand pounds. This would lead anyone to wonder what happened to all of the money! It remains to be seen whether there may have been any wrongdoing in accounting for the estate and whether there will be future income from royalties or other publishing rights that may be owned in her name.

It was not revealed who the beneficiaries are, but no doubt most of her estate went to her immediate family.

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