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Britney Spears' Fiance Appointed As Co-Conservator

It is being reported that Britney Spear's fiance, Jason Trawick, will be appointed to serve as co-conservator alongside her father Jamie Spears. The application for co-conservatoship was approved by a California judge on April 25th. This will mean that Mr. Trawick will now have the legal right to make decisions regarding Britney's finances and the managing of her estate.

This decision to allow her fiance to be a co-conservator is not an usual situation. It is rare that a co-conservatorhip is approved to someone who is engaged to the conservatee. Most likely because engagements don't always follow through to marriage. And who would want a jilted ex-lover has their conservator? However, in this case, it is possible that they will be married very soon and the judge may be confident that they will follow through.

Trawick will oversee the day to day financial aspects of Britney's life, while her father will continue to serve the majority role controlling the rest of the estate.

It is said that now that the conservatorship application has been approved, Britney is set to go ahead an sign an X-Factor judging contract worth about $15 million. No official announcements have yet been made.

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