Guardian Provisions of Adam Yauch's Will

When drafting a will, appointing a trusted guardian for a child or children is most likely the number one concern most parents have. And while you may have many loving family members who you think would make good guardians, sometimes it is very difficult to just choose one person or one couple to take on that responsibility and certain compromises will need to be made. Take for instance the compromise made by the late Beastie Boy member, Adam Yauch, and his wife.

In his will, his wife and him agreed that if he should die in an even numbered year then it would be his parents that would assume the role of guardians. And if they weren't able to handle it, then the wife's parents would take on the role. And if he died on an un-even numbered year the arrangement would be reversed.

While this is probably not the best way to appoint guardians, it still is better than not having made a decision at all. If that were the case then the court would step in and make decisions on who will become the child's guardian which could result in disconnecting the child from loving friends and family.

Consult with a professional estate litigation Attorney when drafting your will. They will have all the knowledge and expertise to not only make sure your child has an appointed guardian, but can also help to set up trusts to provide financial support for them.

*This blog entry was not written by an Attorney and should not be constituted as professional legal advice.

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