How Do I Dispose of Foreign Real Estate?

With transportation becoming much faster and cheaper with the advent of modern technology, a lot of people are taking trips farther away from the United States than ever before. A lot of those people are the descendants of immigrants that came to this country for a better life, but never found their way back to see their countries of origin. And they may have left behind other families. So, it is not uncommon that one might purchase real property in another country that they frequent in order to either provide a home for over seas family or just a place to call home for themselves when they visit. But how do you handle that foreign property as part of your estate litigation?

A fairly straightforward way of doing this is to include that property in a will drafted in the country where it is located. So if you own a house in the German countryside, you should have make a will in Germany to dispose of that property. However, make sure that the language of the German will matches your will from the U.S. so that their is no confusion about whether the German will revoking any portion of your U.S. will.

Of course there are other ways on handling foreign property and you should definitely consult with a professional estate litigation Attorney when handling different properties held outside of your official state of residence.

*This blog entry was not written by an Attorney and should not be constituted as professional legal advice.

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