Judge Denies Britney Spears Request to End Conservatorship

It is being reported that Britney Spears made it known that she is unhappy with the conservatorship that she is currently under. Earlier this month she made it clear in an appearance at Los Angeles Superior Court that she would like the conservatorship to come to an end, but the judge decided against that. Most likely the reason for his decision is because her doctors still have concerns regarding her mental health and may not believe that she is capable of handling her own financial and other affairs at this time.

Britney has been under the conservatorship for the last four years with her father overseeing her business and personal affairs. In April of this year her fiance was also added on as a co-conservator.

Even though Britney has landed a $15 million gig to judge on X-Factor, a job which was only allowed to be taken with the permission of LA Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz. And it is Judge Goetz's decision alone whether or not the conservatorship should end. However, if Spears' doctors believe her medical condition could worsen if the conservatorship were to end, it is unlikely that the judge will agree to end the arrangement at any time in the near future.

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