Katherine Jackson Reinstated as Full Guardian

After an investigation requested by a Los Angeles Court, Katherine Jackson has been reinstated as guardian to Michael Jackson's three children: Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

The investigation was ordered by Judge Mitchell Beckloff in response to some allegations made by family members that Katherine Jackson was being manipulated by executors for the estate as well as some of her own family members. Despite this, the judge found that there was no reason not to reinstate her role as guardian, a role that was temporarily shared with her grandson T.J. Jackson, as there seemed to be no danger to the welfare of the children.

The children had been interviewed as part of the investigation and the judge said it was clear that the children were being well cared for by Katherine and T.J. And that eventually guardianship would be a fully shared responsibility for both of them. Even though Michael's will appoints Diana Ross as the back-up guardian, she visited the children and agreed that T.J. would be suitable to fill that position.

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