TJ Jackson Appointed To Co-Guardianship

Los Angeles Judge Mitchell Beckloff has officially named 34 year old TJ Jackson to be the co-guardian of Michael Jackson's children.

TJ is the son of Michael's brother Tito Jackson. And he will now share responsibilities of raising the children with his and their grandmother Katherine.

Of course no Jackson story comes without a little bit of drama. Not all of the family members were so happy with the judge's decision in this matter. A cousin, Debra Jackson and her son Anthony, pleaded with the court to delay the ruling. They believe that Katherine may have been coerced into agreeing to the joint guardianship. They also think the children are not as happy with the appointment, despite having said so to the contrary.

Despite these misgivings from some family members, Judge Beckloff made his ruling based on positive information received from the children and a court investigator that revealed a very strong relationship with TJ Jackson existed. A letter from Diana Ross, who is named as back-up guardian in Michael's will, also helped to persuade the judge's decision. The children's mother, Debbie Rowe, is also said to approve of this move.

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