Transferring Real Property - Warranty Deed

Once you've begun to start transferring your real property into your living trust, you may have decided that using a Warranty Deed is the best way to proceed. Especially if the property is located in the state of your domicile and is owned outright by you as the grantor.

A warranty deed guarantees to the buyer, or grantee, that the property being purchased or transferred is completely free of any liens, mortgages, and other encumbrances. Under a general warranty deed, this extends back to the property's origin, whereas, under a specific warranty deed, it only guarantees this while the current grantor is the owner.

By transferring property to a trustee of your living trust using this method it keeps the integrity of the title chain intact. Thus, questions and concerns about the title of the property should not become a problem if and when the trustee decides to sell the property.

If you are considering transferring your real property into a trust, you will need the help of a qualified and experienced attorney. Contact one of our professionalestate litigation Attorneys at the Law Offices of David A. Shapiro.
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