Joint Guardian - Your Role and Responsibilities

As soon as the parent becomes unable to care for the child the appointed guardian will then become responsible for the child's care, custody, and general well-being. The duties required of the guardian can include education, religion, medical care, residence and other daily decisions. The guardian may also decide where the child attends school may make requests for any additional educational needs. Usually, the child will live with the guardian, however that is not a strict requirement. And if the guardian and child want to move out of state, the court must grant permission for them to do so.

Be aware that as a guardian you may be liable for actions of the child that cause harm to people or property. California statutes that govern guardianships list the guardian's liability in certain situations. These can include situations like a fatal traffic accident, willful misconduct which results in another person's death or damage to their property, use of firearms that result in death or injury and minor crimes such as shoplifting.

For more information on your role as a joint guardian contact a professional Los Angeles Estate Attorney.

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