Jackson Siblings Fraud Accusations Continue

Even with the good news that a majority of the half a billion dollars of debt Michael Jackson left when died has been re-paid, that still does not mean that all is well with the Jackson estate. And there is still an on going battle between the surviving Jackson family members and the executors of the estate.

Last June several of Michael's siblings sent a scathing letter to the executors, John Branca and John McClain. This letter accused them of fraud, conspiracy, and abuse. In the letter they also claim that the copy of Michael Jackson's will that was initially presented to them did not contain his signature or a signature page. And when the missing signature was finally received, they contest that on the date of supposed signature, Michael was not even in the Los Angeles area.

The executors maintain that no fraud as taken place and that the will was found to be valid after it was challenged in California courts by Michael's father, Joe Jackson. However, that is somewhat misleading because no judge has actually ever explicitly ruled on the validity of the will. The only ruling was made on whether or not Joe Jackson had legal standing to contest the validity. Which it was ruled that he did not due to the fact that he was not a beneficiary of the will.

Please consult a professional Estate Administration Attorney if you believe you may have cause for contesting a will or other executed estate litigation documents.

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