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Santa Clara Judges To Look At Excessive Fees

In response to inquiries over the alarming rise in fees being charged for court appointed trustees and conservators, Santa Clara County judges have made a vow to make changes within the coming weeks.

This is good news for elder abuse advocates that have been fighting against such excessive fees for a long time. Fees that can turn in six figure bills that can deplete a dependant's entire life savings within one year! This evidenced by the case of one man who was struck by two automobiles and left brain damaged. The court appointed trustee in this case charged $108,000 for just 4 and half months of service. And on top of that he has been charged another $260,000 in legal fees fighting the original bill.

Many proposals have been put forth, such as setting limits based on how much is left in a person's estate or getting rid of a monthly administration fee that gets tacked onto normal hourly rates. The judges will meet with probate attorneys and other estate representatives before making any decisions on limiting fees.

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