Disputes Continue Over Thomas Kinkade Estate

The battle between Thomas Kinkade's girlfriend and widow continues to court over handwritten notes left by the late 'painter of light' that bequeath cash and real property assets to his girlfriend. Kinkade had been legally separated from his wife for more than a period of 2 years prior to his death.

His girlfriend, Amy Pinto-Walsh, who was living with him at the time of his death, asked a judge to allow arguments in open probate court over the contested will. However, his widow, Nanette Kinkade, as well as lawyers for his company would like things to be decided in binding arbitration, outside of a public probate.

These handwritten notes that have been submitted and allegedly written by Thomas Kinkade leave to his girlfriend his Monte Sereno mansion and a cash amount of $10million to create a museum in the mansion to hold the collection of his paintings.
Pinto-Walsh is also asking that she be given legal authority to oversee an additional $66.3 million of his estate.

At this time it has not been determined whether these notes are authentic, but a hearing is set for July 2 to make this determination.

Please contact a professional Estate Administration Attorney when any new documents are discovered written by a testator that could be of vital importance to probating an estate.

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