Whitney Houston Memorabilia Up For Auction

Several items belonging to late singer Whitney Houston are set to go to the auction block this week, June 24th, at Julian Auctions in Beverly Hills, CA.

Many of the items of the singer's former estate had already been obtained through a previous auction that was ordered by a New Jersey court in 2007 to satisfy a portion of her debts. That sale included more than 400 of her personal belongings. Only a fraction of that amount will be up for sale in this auction, but some of the items could catch a nice price.

Among the items to be auctioned are several wardrobe pieces including gowns and other articles of clothing worn by Whitney on stage or in music videos. The most interesting item in the collection is a cancelled passport of Ms. Houston's that she used during the period of 1979 through 1984. This passport is expected to sell for at least $6,000.

If you'd like more information in general regarding how auctions may factor into how your estate assets are handled upon your passing, please contact a professional Estate Administration Attorney.

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