Davy Jones Estate Documents To Be Kept Sealed

Hey, hey, we're the Monkees! A popular declaration well known to many generations of fans of the iconic television show and singing group, The Monkees. So, it was heartbreaking to so many when front man Davy Jones passed away in February 2012. The comic antics of Davy and the rest of The Monkees will never be forgotten.

Maybe not surprisingly, even in his death, there seems to be a bit of 'Monkeeying around' happening in regards to his estate.

It is being reported that the court in Martin County, Fla. have denied public access to his will. Which is apparently quite a rare occurrence. The judge who ordered his will and estate records to be sealed agreed with the family that allowing these documents to be publicized could cause harm to the potential future earnings of the estate. And the only people outside of court officials that are allowed copies of his will and other estate litigation documents are his widow, four daughters, and a trustee.

It is possible that someone may petition the court to open these probate records citing the legality of closing what should otherwise have been a process open to the public. But, for now, the assets and contents of Davy Jones' estate will likely remain a mystery.

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