Courtney Love Relinquishes More Control Over Cobain Image

Recent reports regarding Courtney Love's involvement with the estate of late Kurt Cobain indicate that she has agreed to step down as an acting manager for the company responsible for Cobain's publicity rights, End of Music LLC.

According to the reports, the daughter of Courtney and Kurt, Frances Bean, has taken over managing the publicity rights and has also been given control over Kurt Cobain's likeness and appearance. She will also have final say in business agreements arranged by the current acting manager of End of Music LLC.

Ms. Love's agreement to step down from her positions stems from several Cobain estate issues, including a $2.75 million loan that was taken from her daughter's trust fund back in 2010. A loan that has not been paid back. She was also ousted as an advisor to that trust fund by the other trustees. That case still continues on through arbitration in Los Angeles.

Please contact a professional Los Angeles estate litigation Attorney for more information on forming trusts that deal with intellectual property rights and other financial issues that are unique to performers and other entertainment industry professionals.

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