England's Princes To Inherit Remainder of Diana's Estate

This year when Prince William of England celebrates his 30th birthday, he will have a little extra cash on hand to do it in a big way.

On June 21, 2012, Princes William and Harry will receive the remainder of the inheritance left to them by their mother, the late Princess Diana. The assets were valued at about $20 million at the time of her death in 1997. These assets included stocks, jewelry, and cash. It is believed that since the time of her death the value of the inheritance has grown substantially, to at least $30 million, through smart investments.

Princess Diana's will also provides the right for the two Princes to split the estate however they see fit. Many believe that William will opt to give more to his brother Harry because when William becomes King of England he will receive money from various other trusts and public funds. William also has a $3 million trust that was left to him by The Queen Mother.

This is a good example of estate litigation when you have young children, as Diana did at the time of her death. She chose to allow for growth not only in her estate value over time, but also to allow for her children to grow and mature enough to handle such a large sum of inheritance.

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