Will Robin Gibb's Lovechild Be Provided For Out of His Estate?

When iconic Bee Gee member Robin Gibb died earlier this month the world mourned the loss of one of music history's most entertaining performers. But what most people didn't know is that he fathered a child outside of his marriage with his housekeeper, Claire Yang.

In January of this year, after a year of legal negotiations, Gibb agreed to pay a one time payment of 4million pounds for the child. But Gibb's surviving spouse is now worried that the housekeeper will try to seek more of the 140million pounds that his estate is estimated to be worth.

In addition to the child with Yang, he also has 3 other children with his wife. It still remains to be seen how this child will be provided for out of the estate as these other children will be. But it appears that Gibb did not have any intention of treating this child any differently.

It still remains to be seen how his estate assets will be handled and what plans he had in place.

If you have children outside of your current marriage, please contact a professional estate litigation Attorney to find out how to fit them into your estate plans.

*This blog entry was not written by an Attorney and should not be constituted as professional legal advice.

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