9 Year Old Hopper Heir to Receive Close to $3 Million

Despite the millions and billions of dollars generated in the entertainment business, there has not been any lack of Hollywood stars that have made less than stellar performances when it comes to their estate litigation. So it is nice to see when a star gets things right.

It looks as though the 9 year old daughter of late actor Dennis Hopper is set to inherit close to $3 million worth of assets from her father's estate. And her mother will not be able to control one cent of it.

Thanks to a vacuum sealed air tight prenuptial agreement between Hopper and his wife of 13 years, Victoria Duffy, lawyers for his estate have made it crystal clear that she is to have no part of the assets left in trust for their daughter. These assets include $2.25 million in cash and $600,000 in property.

Hopper and Duffy had been in the process of a nasty divorce battle, but he died before it could be finalized.

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