Battle Over Nate Dogg Estate Continues

When rapper Nate Dogg died intestate (without a will) last year his widow, Latoya Calvin, took over the administrative duties to divide up the estate. However, his children were not pleased with this and had requested the court to appoint a lawyer to take on this fiduciary duty, but the court denied that request.

New legal documents were filed earlier this week by Latoya requesting that Nate's mother, Ruth Holmes, be appointed as co-administrator furthering the discontent of his children. His daughter states that her grandmother does not have her or her sibling's best interest in mind and is only in it for the money. Although if Ruth were to be appointed to co-administrate the estate, the only money she'd receive is half the Administrator's fee because she is by law not a beneficiary.

A judge has not yet ruled on the appointment.

Please take the time to prepare your will and administrator appointments with a qualified professional estate litigation Attorney to avoid lengthy legal battles and family squabbles after your death.

*This blog entry was not written by an Attorney and should not be constituted as professional legal advice.

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