Paramount Pictures Seeks to Prevent Puzo Estate from Publishing

Paramount Pictures and the heirs of "The Godfather" author Mario Puzo, will be heading to a federal Manhattan court this week for another round of arguments over who controls the book publishing rights of the late author.

The case stems from the publishing of a book sequel to "The Godfather" titled; "The Family Corleone." Paramount sought to stop the publication of the book stating that in 1969 they had purchased from Puzo all rights, copyright interests, literary rights, and rights to use characters from "The Godfather." Paramount claims the only right left to the Puzo estate is to publish the original novel and other versions and adaptations.

Puzo's estate disagrees and is now asking the court to make a declaration that they own both the publishing and film rights to any sequel. And that Paramount cannot prevent them from producing such works.

If you have questions or concerns about someone else using copyrights that you believe belong to the estate, please contact a professional Estate Administration Attorney.

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