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Put It In Writing To Avoid Fighting

As a testator, you might be a little worried about leaving a child out of your will because of the chance they will challenge the will and cause not only a headache for the beneficiaries, but will cost your estate a lot of money to go through court fighting it.

You could leave a small amount as a gesture to try and satisfy certain moral obligations, but that won't always be enough for a child feeling like they are owed more than you are willing to give. A good tip is to have in writing other gifts you've made to them during your lifetime and reasons why you are not bequeathing anything more to them. This would be extremely helpful in fighting a court battle against a contesting party. The more good deeds you can attest to having performed in life the better chances your estate has of a smooth administration.

Consult with a professional Estate Administration Attorney if you should any questions concerning will contests and other estate needs.

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