Trial Over Hemsley Estate Delayed

The body of Sherman Hemsley will remain unburied for at least another month.

Judge Patricia Chew of the El Paso Probate Court has delayed the probate trial over the actor's estate, which includes his body, until Octobrer 31st. The main reason for this is due to claims made by Richard Thornton that Hemsley is his biological brother. The judge has asked that he submit to a DNA test before any further proceedings can take place. And the results of the DNA test must be filed with the court no later than Oct. 15th. The judge has made it clear that there will be no more continuances.

Hemsley left his entire estate to Flora Isela Enchinton Bernal who was, as she claims, a very close and personal friend. Thornton is contesting the validity of that will. This case could become even more complicated as a cousin of Hemsley has also threatened to intervene. If that happens, court costs and litigation fees may very well eat up most of the estate which is only valued around $50,000.

Let's hope that both this case and Sherman's body can be laid to rest as soon as possible.

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