Will of Director Tony Scott Filed For Probate

The will of Hollywood director Tony Scott was filed in the Los Angeles County Probate Court earlier this week. And according to documents everything in his estate was left to the Tony Scott Family Trust, which was established in 2004. His wife Donna Scott and his 12 year old twin boys are the beneficiaries of that trust.

The probate documents filed only revealed the estate as being worth $1.25 million in personal property, however given the number of highly successful films he made during his career there is probably many millions more but have already been transferred into the previously created trust.

Attorney R. Dennis Luderer is named as the sole executor, with brother Ridley Scott named as the first alternate executor.

Tony Scott's family, friends, and countless fans and colleagues were left stunned when he committed suicide by jumping from a bridge in August of this year.

For more information about setting up a trust and how to transfer assets into that trust, please consult with a professional Attorney for Trusts.

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