Man Leaves Estate to Two Favorite Actors

Just like winning a lottery, two actors got lucky when a fan left them his estate worth over a million dollars when he died in July of last year.

The fan was Ray Fulk, a 71 year old hermit who lived in a 160-acre property in Illinois. He had no family or children. Ray Fulk followed the careers of his two favorite actors --Kevin Brophy and Peter Barton. Kevin Brophy was best known for his role in a 1970s ABC television drama, "Lucan," wherein he played a boy raised by wolves. Peter Barton was in a soap opera, "The Young and the Restless," where he played the role of Dr. Scott Grainger from 1987 to 1993. Fulk kept a scrapbook of Brophy and Barton's work, including letters sent to them.

Fulk's estate attorney helped him prepare his will. After Fulk's death, his estate attorney sent letters to Brophy and Barton informing them of the bequest. Fulk had property which is appraised at $1,054,000 as well as cash and CDs worth $230,000. The estate attorney said the two actors should expect to receive checks in the mail once the estate is sold.

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