Many uses for a Will in California

     A will is commonly known as an instrument by which a person disposes of his or her property which takes effect after their death. Many people assume that the single purpose of a will is to dispose of property after death, however there are multiple uses for a will. A will may be used to leave directions as to how the testator (person who writes the will) would like to be buried, for example if they prefer to be cremated. A will may be used to appoint an executor of the testator's estate under California Probate Code section 8420. For people with young children, a will is also a means to appoint a guardian who will care for their children in the event of their death (California Probate Code, sections 1500 and 1502.) If you're considering drafting a will in California for any of the above reasons you should consult an experienced Los Angeles estate litigation attorney.
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