How to Nominate an Executor

    After you pass away, the person you chose to name as the executor of your will is in charge of carrying out the provisions of your will and administering the distribution of your property. The Probate Court calls the executor a "personal representative." You may name co-executors if you would like two people to manage your estate. You should also name alternative executors in the event the person you choice is unable to fulfill their responsibilities. 

     You should think carefully about what type of person you would like to manage your personal affairs. Certainly the person you nominate should be responsible, trustworthy and knowledgable enough to manage the financial accounting.  If you are jointly working on an estate plan with your spouse, you may chose to have different executors. However, its important to make your spouse aware of  who you are planning on nominating to avoid unexpected surprises down the road. You should consult with an experienced Los Angeles estate litigation attorney if you are interested in nominating an executor in your will.
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