Updating Your Estate Plan - Checklist

Managing your estate is an ongoing process and knowing when to update your estate is essential. The following checklist outlines some of the most common reasons when an updated estate plan may be necessary.

  • Have you married, divorced, or re-married?
  • Have any of your beneficiaries or Executor died or your relationship with them changed without having provision for these circumstances?
  • Has the mental or physical abilities of any of your beneficiaries changed?
  • Have you had more children or grandchildren, or have your children reached the age of majority?
  • Have you relocated to another state?
  • Have you bought, sold, or re-financed your business or home?
  • Have you acquired major assets, such as property?
  • Has your state or federal tax laws changed as to affect your estate and tax planning?

It would also be wise to make sure to update all current contact information for your beneficiaries, executor, and trustees.

If you've had any of these changes occur in your life since executing your will or trust, contact a professional Los Angeles estate litigation Attorney to help you get these changes in order.

*This blog entry was not written by an Attorney and should not be constituted as professional legal advice.

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