Don't Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

You keep telling yourself, "I'll do it tomorrow." But what happens when tomorrow doesn't come? I'm not talking about the end of the world or putting off doing the dishes. I'm talking about making a Will or a Living Trust.

It has been estimated that more than half of all Americans die each year without a Will or a Living Trust. That means that more than half of all Americans didn't even have a say as to what happens to their property and assets upon their death. Or who was going to take care of their children or even their pets.

Without taking the time to plan for your estate after your death you may be leaving quite a mess for your family to deal with. Your entire estate could end up in Probate Court from anywhere to a few months to several years. And during this time your family may not be provided for as you might have wished.

Contact one of our knowledgeable Los Angeles estate litigation Lawyers so you can feel secure in knowing that, in death, your wishes will be fulfilled exactly how you wanted.

*This blog entry was not written by an Attorney and does not constitute professional legal advice.

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