Does Having a Will Eliminate The Possibility of Probate?

Does simply having a will entirely eliminate the possibility of probate?

Well, simply, the answer is: no.

Unfortunately, having a will does not always eliminate the possibility that your estate could end up in the probate court process. This can happen for many reasons such as; objections to the will or if the appointed executor is not able to carry out the duties of distributing your property and assets as stated in the will. Should these complications arise, the will in probate can be a very long process lasting anywhere from a few months to several years. Not to mention the associative costs to your family and estate.

Due to the complex nature of handling a will in probate, you should consult with a Los Angeles Probate Lawyer that will be able to help navigate you and your family through this process.

*This blog entry was not written by an Attorney and does not constitute legal advice.

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