Living Trust vs. Will

While Living Trusts and Wills have many similarities, the major difference between the two is that your will does not go into effect until you are dead, whereas your living trust goes into effect while you are still living and breathing.

With a living trust, you have much more power over your assets and what becomes of them after you die. The person you designate to take care of those assets, the Successor Trustee, can immediately begin to distribute your assets and sell your property as stipulated in the living trust. There is no need for any Probate Court involvement.

A Living Trust can give you peace of mind while you are still alive and make things much easier and simpler for your family and loved ones when you pass. If you would like to set up a living trust please contact a professional Los Angeles estate litigation Lawyer..

*This blog entry was not written by an Attorney and does not constitute legal advice.

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