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Another Victim Of A Conservator

It stands to reason that two people you should trust most are your lawyer and your conservator. And if they are both one and the same, that person had better have your needs as top priority. However, that seems to not have been the case for Josephine Smoron.

While John Nugent was serving as Josephine's lawyer and conservator, he is charged with ignoring her wishes and having unencumbered her real estate. He created two trusts, named himself trustee of both of them, then transferred her assets into them to take control over them. He then sold farm property to a developer. A farm that was already intended for another beneficiary. And unfortunately, because Josephine was in a court appointed conservatorship, her wishes were simply being ignored.

The case is still being resolved in the courts. And Nugent and his lawyer deny any malpractice or wrong doing.

If you suspect any wrongdoing by a conservator over your loved one please contact an Attorney for Conservatorships as soon as possible.

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