Survey Says: There's A 50% Chance You Don't Have A Will

A survey conducted by in April of this year has found that 50% of Americans with children to do not have a will. And even more shocking that 41% of baby boomers aged 55-64 also do not have wills. The top 3 reasons for not having a will are: procrastination, believing the don't need one, and the cost associated with creating one.

With the number of single parents or unwed partners increasing, dying intestate may not be in the best interest for your family. The best way to make sure your partner receives the same protections under the law as if you were married is to write them into your legal estate plans. Without that, they may be left without any power to handle your estate after your passing.

So, stop procrastinating and get started by listing your accounts, retirement plans, employee benefits, real estate, and other assets. You may very well find that you DO need to have a will to distribute your assets wisely. And the cost of not having a will can far, far exceed the cost of preparing one.

So all you parents and baby boomers out there get started now with a professional estate litigation Attorney!

*This blog entry was not written by an Attorney and should not be constituted as professional legal advice.

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